Afghanistan women’s football team: Afghan women’s football captain asks FIFA for help, ‘save my teammates’

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Captain Shabnam Mobarez is currently living in the US and is seeking help for her teammates in Afghanistan. Fear is taking over women. This jihadi organization oppresses women and they have to live under many restrictions. Now that the Taliban have gained control of Afghanistan, the captain of the country’s women’s football team has sought help from FIFA, the international governing body for football. He has urged FIFA to save his teammates.

Shabnam Mobarez currently lives in the US and with the help of Twitter, has demanded the safety of her sisters from FIFA. He has shared a chat with himself and his teammates on Twitter. “You’re right,” wrote Mobarez, 25. “No, I’m not well,” said my colleague in Afghanistan. I know they will come to me soon. can you help me
Where is Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah? He tagged FIFA on the signal given by the Indian official and wrote, “How do I answer this question?” We must take steps to save our comrades. They are my sisters.

The Taliban were ousted in 2001 and the Afghan women’s football team was formed in 2007. On Thursday, the former captain of the Afghan football team appealed to players to erase their presence on social media and burn their kits.
Ashraf Ghani, daughter of Khalid Ghani Popal, who fled America with billions of rupees, said, ‘I called the players today and asked them to remove their names, erase their identities and remove their pictures. I also asked him to destroy his kit for security reasons. His identity has been revealed. They have been targeted by a terrorist group.

When the Taliban first came to power in Afghanistan, women were subjected to harsh sanctions and brutal atrocities. Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban from 1996 to 2001, during which time women were banned from working and girls going to school. Women were only allowed to leave the house wearing a veil and accompanied by a man covered in blood.

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