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Kohli out of form: In the last 50 innings, the drought of a century was in the name of Kohli, who stunned the bowlers while batting strongly

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Virat Kohli’s bat has become cold in all three formats, the team did not even run when needed. Even in the third Test at Headingley, Virat Kohli could not hold on even after the wicket of the opener. Virat Kohli’s bat seems to have stopped. The performance of Virat Kohli, who took the breath of any team bowler, is getting worse. The batsman who remained at the top and smashing century, could not score a century in all three format matches. Kohli did not return to form in the third Test of the series against England at Headingley. Kohli’s pavilion was packed in the first hour of the match. Kohli was dismissed for seven by James Anderson on Wednesday.

Kohli’s batting average has been just 23 in the last 18 innings. The same is happening with Kohli as there are ups and downs in every player’s tenure. Something similar happened with Kohli in 2014 as well.

Seeing Kohli losing wickets yesterday, it seems that his habit of hitting the ball outside has come back. Kohli got out on a ball that could have been dropped. For the fourth time in the series, Kohli has been caught behind the wicket with a cut on the bat.

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Kohli’s bad times started during the New Zealand tour. Where Kohli could score only 218 runs in T20 Internationals, three ODIs and two Tests. The kind of performance that Kohli showed in the Tests against Australia last year when he scored 74 runs, Kohli batted slowly and gave vital support to the team. When Rahul and Pujara were out, the need of the hour was that they should play on set. But this did not happen and Kohli also lost the wicket soon. Kohli said just before the match, ‘You have to keep your ego aside while batting in England.

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Even before the match, Kohli, as usual, avoided discussing the players’ form. Asked about the form of Pujara and Rahane ahead of the match, Kohli said, “Our focus is not on individual performance of the players but on the form of the team. We want to build a batting order that performs well in different areas. Can. Circumstances.” A different player goes ahead and performs better in the match.” Even when former England captain Nasser Hussain asked Kohli about his personal form, his reply was something like this.


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