Ashwin Oval Test: The spinners at the Oval, will Kohli give Ashwin a chance in the next Test? Changes in the Oval Test, did Virat Kohli give Ashwin a chance in the Oval Test?

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Will Kohli give R Ashwin a chance at a successful Oval for spinners? After India, England have won the Test and drew the series 1–1 at Headingley. The team was leading 1-0 after winning the second Test. But with England’s victory in the third Headingley Test, the series was level at 1-1. Now in the fourth test, both the teams will try to capture the series by winning the match. Discussions have started on whether Ravichandran Ashwin will get a chance in the Oval Test in the playing XI. Along with this, the figures of success of spinners in old matches are also being compared with Ashwin’s success before the Oval Test.

Ashwin has been a successful bowler for the Indian team. But he is yet to get a chance in the series against England. It is his turn to sit on the bench during the three matches of the series. Will Kohli now give him a chance in the Oval Test? Considering the pitch and the conditions, the chances of getting a chance have increased.

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Kohli has not made a single rule in the tour of England so far. This is a fielding rule with four fast bowlers. The Indian captain believes that pace, swing and seam are very helpful in England conditions. And Jadeja is a good option to bowl, which is why Ashwin didn’t find a place in the last 11. However, the grounds of the Oval and the conditions there may force Kohli to change his mind.

Spinners got help at the Oval

In terms of statistics, this is the best ground in England for spinners in 2016. The overall average of the spinners here has been 29.52. While the average of fast bowlers is 32.38, which is the worst. This means that spin bowlers are getting more chance of success at the Oval.

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Will Kohli Senna go with two spinners?

A picture of Ravindra Jadeja emerged from the hospital. He had a knee injury. So if Jadeja is not in the team then naturally Ashwin will get a chance. But what if Jadeja is fit? If we look at the success figures of spinners at the Oval, then Ashwin can also get a chance along with Jadeja. This means that the Indian team can field two spinners with two fast bowlers.

Ashwin is also in form at the moment

R Ashwin proved to be India’s best bowler in the World Test Championship against New Zealand. Apart from this, Ashwin also took 6 wickets in the county cricket played here last month.

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History of Spin at the Oval

If you look at the bowlers taking the highest number of wickets on this ground, then the spinners are ahead. Derek Underwood has been a dangerous bowler on the field. The left-arm spinner has taken 45 wickets in 10 matches here. England’s Jim Laker has taken 40 wickets in 8 matches. He is the second highest wicket taker on the field.

The Oval has been a great place for lake spinner Shane Warne. Warne has taken 32 wickets in four Tests here. While Graeme Swann has taken 27 wickets in 5 matches. Muttiah Muralitharan has played only one Test here, but has included 16 batsmen in a single Test. BS Chandrasekhar has also taken 8 wickets in a match here.

Difficult to get out a bowler like Ashwin

A bowler like Ashwin can easily make it to the playing XI for any team. Cricket pundits have lobbied for him in the team. In England, Ashwin has taken 18 wickets in 7 Tests. This is not a good performance. While taking three wickets in a match at The Oval. But now the situation is different for India. Ishant is not in form and Jadeja is under question. Ashwin, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the best spinners in the world sitting on a bench at the moment. Sanjay Manjrekar has often said during commentary that you should give a chance to your best option. And Ashwin is India’s best spinner. So will Kohli give Ashwin a chance to play 11 in the next Test? We will have to wait till tomorrow for the answer to this question. Either Ashwin will be given a chance in the team or he will explain the reason why he has been dropped.

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