Taliban in Afghanistan: Taliban approves cricket, invites Australian team to Kabul Taliban gives green signal to historic first cricket test between Australia and Afghanistan

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When the Taliban first ruled Afghanistan, it banned many sports, including cricket. The Taliban has invited the Australian team to come to Kabul, saying that Afghanistan will be able to play with all countries. Not only this, the Australian cricket team has also been invited to come to Kabul. According to the Daily Mail, the deputy head of the Taliban Culture Commission, Ahmadullah Wasik, has indicated to Australia that they may schedule their matches as scheduled.

It is noteworthy that when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s, they banned many forms of entertainment, including sports. Stadiums were then used to punish people. However, now the radical Islamic organization has no objection to cricket.
Thousands of Afghans are crossing mountains and deserts to escape the Taliban. Cricket Australia also plans to host a Test match against Afghanistan in Hobart. The first historic Test match between Australia and Afghanistan in Hobart will take place as scheduled, the statement said. The Test match between Australia and Afghanistan was to be played from November 27 to December 1 last year, but was canceled due to Corona.
Fourth Test: Kohli-Rohit can make ‘Virat’ record, Bumrah has a chance for a special century, said – whatever match is already scheduled, it will be played without any interruption. The Afghan team will also be able to play with other countries. Afghanistan will also play in the T20 World Cup to be held in UAE. He said the Taliban wants good relations with all countries. When relations improve, Afghan players will be able to go to Australia and the Australian team will also be able to come to Afghanistan.

However, many questions have been raised against the Afghan players since the Taliban took power. The biggest question is about logistics. Apart from this, who will pay the cricketers, who will organize the local tournament and where will the preparations for the tour of Australia be made, all these questions have been raised against the players.

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