Headwind for the Greens before the election in Canada

The Green Party entered Canada’s National Assembly ten years ago, and in the election two years ago they reached 6.5 percent. Now it has turned around, and the party is fighting to keep its two representatives.

Opinion polls show that the party is around 3 percent, while the Conservative and Liberal parties are far ahead of around 32 percent. The urgent election was triggered because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, from the Liberals, called for new elections in August in the hope of getting a majority government.

Competition on climate issues

Although the polls say that climate is one of the most important issues for voters, the Greens are now fighting a battle to show that the party can survive, says Daniel Beland, professor at McGill University in Montreal.

– They must show that they are an alternative for those who believe in the fight against climate change, he says.

The party has received competition from the larger parties, which have launched their own climate solutions.

– The Greens have lost the monopoly they had on the climate issue. It has become a popular issue for all parties in Canada, says Beland.

Several point out that the Greens become too narrow when they only have ownership of a case.

– I would like them to break out of it and expand to other areas, says Nancy Powell, a former Dei grøne voter in Vancouver.

Struggling to keep the seats

Party leader Annamie Paul is fighting to break through in Toronto. There she has lost the battle for a seat in the National Assembly twice before.

The party also hopes to retain its seat from Vancouver, British Columbia. The city that has our frame of fire and a historic heat wave, which took the lives of several hundred people this summer.

Former party leader Elizabeth May is set to retain her seat, while her party’s other representative, Paul Manly, faces stiff opposition in his district.

Would withdraw

Not only has the party struggled in the opinion polls and in the National Assembly, but the leader has also on several occasions considered retiring in the last six months, according to CBC.

To the news website, Paul says that the situation in the party has been difficult after one former member of parliament transferred to the Liberal Party.

– Going into this election without a leader would be harmful, she says.

Paul will consider saying his own future in the party, but it will not be until after the election next week.

– I want our candidates to have a good chance, and I do not want to do anything that could hurt it.

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