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Is Twene Jonas Arrested? Age & Net Worth of Youtuber

We have some shocking news for the YouTube Twene Jonas fans. The Yotuber has been arrested by the police and is in the big trouble because of past allegations. Who is Twene Jonas? Jonas is YouTuber and entrepreneur. He is known as CEO of the Royal Jonas Films label. The Youtuber from Ghana who made funny troll videos and knowledge share clips. The Youtuber has been deported to the country for the jurisdiction. He is facing some serious allegations. His popularity came when he praised American leaders and slammed Ghanaian leader. This sparked a controversy in the political corner.

Who is Twene Jonas?

Twene Jonas is a social medial star and Youtuber who is famous in US, Cananda and Ghana. Because of his freestyle talk and uploaded videos, he is facing arrest and charges. According to the Ghanain leader he was hiding in United States. After his arrest the government requested US to bring him in Ghana. He was living in USA with fake id and documents. He was bring searched for deportation from last few weeks.

Right now he is in hiding and information will come out when police find him. He had been fired from the job already.

Twene Jonas social media

Twene was born in 1991. He is 30 years old in 2021. He is a self-made YouTuber and web influencer. He comes from hometown located in Ashanti Region, Ghana. His parents are Awura Ama Akye and Agya Frank Twene. We found that he has 203K followers on Instagram. He got mixed fans from different countries of world. Twene uses Facebook account to share posts which has 595K followers.

His social media accounts are active still but reveals nothing allegations and charges against him. Fans want to hear the side of Twene on the arrest and deportation.

Is he arrested or not?

The reports confirmed that search for him is continue. Soon when he will be found then deported to Ghana. The government officials are already in touch on this matter.

The Twene Jonas net worth is $560K. He is an entrepreneur who runs his digital business.

Latest update: The youtuber breaks silence and made a post on Facebook to inform that he lost his job and facing false claims. It looks the vlogger is in big trouble. He is an internet sensation in Ghana social media. His fans are supporting him and criticizing the officials for treating him bad.


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