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Sabina Nessa Instagram, Age: Teacher Found Dead in London Park

The news has been circulating from United Kingdom, a 28 years old primary school teacher dead body has been found under the piles of leaves in an area of South East London, Kidbrooke. It has been believed that she has been murdered to the pub, five minute walking from her house. Whole UK people are in shocked as the fight is continue to the epidemic violence against the women.

Metropolitan Police arrest a 38years old person during their investigation. A person is being suspected but later on release on bail until further investigation will accelerate. The Met give a statement that the suspect had been arrested from Lewisham.

The Met investigates the whole situation at the area. According to the police, Sabina Nessa left her Greenwich home at 8:30 PM on September 17; police believe that she has walked through the Cator Park towards the Bar in Pegler Square.

Who is Sabina Nessa? Talking about Sabina, she was a young lady teacher from Sandy, Bedfordshire. She lived in Lewisham, South- East London. She was currently working at Rushey Green Primary School in Catford for a year.

Nessa’s way of death is being connected with the death of 33 years old Sarah Everad. Six months earlier, she was missing after leaving her friend’s house in South London. Her body was found in a reckless position. She was kidnap, rape and murdered by a serving police officer.

According to the data from Office of National Statistcs and The Scottish Governemnt, around 200 women were killed in just one year from 2019 to 2020. One woman is killed by a man after every 3 days in UK.

Women Equality Party Leader Mandu Reid gives a statement on twitter following the death of Nessa, “HAVE THINGS GOT BETTER AFTER THE DEATH OF SARAH EVEADS MURDER”? The simple answer is NO.

Police found a CCTV images in which Nessa was hit over the head when she left the house of her friend. Police have already circulate the images of the man found connected to the death of Nessa and a silver car that being used during the attack.

Let’s pray for the Right Justice of NESSA!!!

The public and people on social media is angry because this is the third time when similar case on teacher reported on UK. The investigation is on after this took high attention on social media among the teachers and schools.


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