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Did vtuber Saruei face revealed? Twitch star real identity and age

Saruei is a very popular female character having over 160k followers on Twitch. It features on the Japanese YouTube channel with more than 17,000 subscribers and 840 videos. Although it is a fictional character, people still look for the Saruei net worth on the internet. There is tons of love that this character receives on the internet. If you are one of them, we suggest checking this complete post where such information will be provided. Did she revealed her face? let’s check this out.

Saruei Appearance or face

Saruei is a fictional girl known as an art streamer. She can be often seen either in a bikini or underwear showing her sensual side in the videos. Many viewers have criticized the sexually explicit nature of these videos. On the other hand, you will easily find people who are madly in love with this character. The viewers can see a huge passion in this character for art. In fact, she has succeeded in mixing arts with video games adequately.

Saruei Controversies

The Twitch account of this YouTube channel gets banned for three days. It violates the terms and conditions of the platform by telecasting inappropriate content that created lots of controversies. However, the channel creator learns from their mistakes and doesn’t repeat the same after that.

Real name and Net worth

Saruei character is created by Rael, who is French by nationality. Her birthplace is 18th April, while the birth year isn’t known. This character is very active on the majority of social media platforms making it one of the most lovable characters. The character is very much loved by the audience by both including kids and adults.

As of 2021 records, the Saruei net worth is approximately US$ 15,300 that is pretty good for a virtual YouTube channel. The channel daily earns nearly 10-15 dollars depending on the viewers. It has a pretty varied audience that includes everyone ranging from kids to adults.

Saruei Social Media

Saruei is a well-known female character that can be found on a variety of platforms. It begins from YouTube and later moves to other websites like Twitch, Instagram, and many more. Despite being a purely fictional character, the audience is severely attached to it. Well, she is very much active on her Instagram handle as she has a great fan following of 31 k followers. You can follow her on her Instagram or twitter handle for more updates regarding her personal life.


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