Venkatesh Iyer: MBA degree, Rajinikanth’s fan, know who is the new IPL star Venkatesh- IPL 2021 Venkatesh Iyer is Rajinikanth’s fan and has MBA degree


There were doctors, engineers and teachers in the Iyer family but no one to pursue a career in sports. In the current season of the Indian Premier League, Kolkata Knight Riders’ aggressive batsman Venkatesh Iyer was determined to make cricket. His father Rajasekharan Iyer was also against his decision. However, seeing her son’s dedication to the game, his mother Usha Iyer took her son to the Maharaja Yashwantrao Cricket Club in Indore and met coach Dinesh Sharma.
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Talent shown in first interview
Coach Dinesh listened to his mother and asked Venkatesh to pad up. Dinesh caught a sidearm ball thrower and bowled a few deliveries. Iyer showed him playing with ease. The coach then asked some of his best bowlers in the academy to bowl against Venkatesh. This player impressed the coach. He then persuaded his mother to surrender to Venkatesh for two years. Venkatesh scored an unbeaten 41 off 27 balls in the match against Bangalore, while against the dangerous bowling of Mumbai Indians, he scored 53 runs in 30 balls with the help of four fours and three sixes.

This is Venkatesh’s biggest strength
“He is a natural talent,” said Dinesh Sharma of the six-foot-tall Venkatesh. The coordination of his eyes and hands is amazing. This is his greatest weapon. The way he was hitting the ball was superb. I knew this man was ready to learn and needed someone to show him the way. All I asked him was if he was serious about cricket. “Coach, I will try my best to be a good cricketer and I will not let you down,” he said.
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Studied MBA to honor father
Venkatesh is an MBA graduate and is a huge fan of Rajinikanth. Born in Indore to a Tamil family, Venkatesh needed a lot of punishment. He has an MBA degree in Finance. His family told him not to compromise on studies. “Venkatesh was very intelligent,” said the coach. Every member of his family is educated and he is also highly educated. He wanted to play cricket and did not want to disappoint his father. That’s why he also did MBA.

i have seen all rajinikanth movies
Talking about him, the coach said that he is a fan of Rajinikanth. He has seen all his movies. Sometimes he even imitated Rajinikanth. According to coach Dinesh Sharma, Venkatesh is backed by veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and Kolkata Knight Riders head coach Brendon McCullum. In the match against Bangalore, it was Harbhajan who introduced Venkatesh to Virat Kohli.

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