Scott Speedman Joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 as a Series Regular, Reprising His Role from 2018


Scott Speedman has joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular for the just-launched 18th season.

The 46-year-old actor is reprising his role as Nick Marsh, a transplant surgeon who was first introduced in an episode of season 14 back in 2018.

Nick previously visited Grey Sloan while trying to retrieve a liver for one of his patients, but he collapsed at the hospital. He was treated by Ellen Pompeo‘s Meredith Grey, who saved his life when she discovered a life-threatening clot.

Fans campaigned to have Scott join the show full-time, but that never happened until now.

Click inside for spoilers from the season premiere…

Nick was reintroduced in the season premiere of season 18. Meredith was invited on a trip to Minnesota to attend the dedication of a research library to her late mother. It was on this trip that she ran into Nick again!

Deadline notes that Scott has been added to the cast as a “new love interest for Pompeo‘s Meredith.” Sounds like fans will be getting what they wished for!

Scott chatted with the outlet about coming back to the show and if it was always the plan to wait three years for his return.

“No, I just had gotten off of a show, I was very newly off of a TV show. I knew Ellen personally, and she contacted me and sent me the script. I was sitting around and read the script. It was a one-off episode, and it was great,” Scott said. “I thought it was really fun, and the dialogue was great, and I thought it’d be really fun to go do with her. That’s basically how it came about, and everybody was like, oh, no, this is just a one-off, it’s just a guest star, it’s just this. So, I thought it’d be fun just to sneak on and do an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, this great show that’s been on for so long. I guess maybe I was slightly naïve about people’s reaction to it or what they thought it might be, but I thought that was kind of fun, too, just to play with an audience that way. That’s how it was told to me, and now, here we are.”

Showrunner Krista Vernoff was asked about when the plan to bring back Scott began. She said, “We reached out to Scott as I was envisioning the show. Actually toward the end of last season, I started saying to Ellen, I’m having this thought, and she was like, ‘Again?’, because I had made that phone call a few times. But this time, we got lucky, he said yes, and we planned the season accordingly… He’s here for this season, and that’s what we know right now and what we’re saying.”

One of the executive producers of Grey’s teased how Meredith might get a chance at love in the new season.