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‘Squid Game’ Fans Want Gong Yoo to Slap Them in Real Life – Read the Reaction Tweets!

Gong Yoo is only featured in two episodes of the new Netflix series Squid Game, but he has made a huge impact on fans.

The 42-year-old actor plays a mysterious salesman who recruits people to play in the Squid Game by playing ddkaji. The two players have to throw envelopes to the ground to flip their opponent’s envelope. The salesman offers a cash prize to whoever wins against him, but if they lose, they can accept a slap in the face to continue playing.

After his appearance in the first episode, we don’t see the salesman again until the very end of the season.

Fans are speaking out on Twitter with their hopes of getting slapped in the face by the actor.

Click inside to find out what people are saying…

Read some of the best tweets below…

I’d let that business man in the first episode of squid game slap me for free

— beyon say (@moophala_) October 2, 2021

that guy from squid game can slap me in the face I would not complain

— antho ≷ (@staneverygg) October 2, 2021

Listen I ultimately probably would not agree to play #SquidGame but hey Gong Yoo if you wanna come slap the shit out of me on the subway my station is 52nd Street on the 7 train

— Sean Mannix (@S_mannix) October 2, 2021


— sammy (@nightsfeel) October 2, 2021

i’d win squid games and then just give away all the money and go into debt so i could have gong yoo slap me again

— sea ☽❅ gihun’s bodyguard (@linospicelatte) October 2, 2021

Wait y’all didn’t tell me Gong Yoo was in squid games? Wheeeeew he been so fine since I started watching kdrama Lmao.

Also I’d let him slap me lmaaooo

— ghetto prince✨ (@hlaveas) October 2, 2021

Mfs in squid game letting Gong Yoo slap them for money meanwhile I’d let him slap me for free 😩 harder please

— Amaya 🇬🇾 (@leila_jade13) October 2, 2021

Squid games :… Um…. The way he slaps… Is making me horny chill…. Omg can he slap me like that???? I don’t even have a slap kink but oh god he’s awakening something in my pussy directly

— joxeia🍯🧸 (@lostinacheron) October 2, 2021

rip to those fictional people in squid game but if gong yoo wanted to slap me he wouldn’t even need to ask

— the distortion (@arocamars) October 2, 2021

during the game scene in the first episode of squid game who is that actor he is so hot i would let him slap me best deal ever and i get paid!

— bongwater (@gaywifirouter) October 2, 2021

just started watching squid game to see what the sudden hype is all about and gong yoo fjfigkfkg now i know why ppl were like, i’d pay to let gong yoo slap me a 100 times 😂

— sica 👸🏻 (@yuegongju) October 2, 2021

just started squid game and i want gong yoo to slap me around like that 😮‍💨

— jen⁷ 🧈 be working .,, semi-ia (@EIJUNSUNSHlNE) October 1, 2021

I want the squid game guy to slap me so hard

— victor (@VictorCarlesi) September 29, 2021

gong yoo in squid game… i would’ve acted like a damsel in distress like nooo i keep losing… now you have to slap me!! haha sorry ahahahaha

— glum (@glumvie) September 30, 2021


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