Adele Explains the Reason Behind Her Divorce From Simon Konecki


Adele is getting candid about her divorce.

The 33-year-old superstar opened up in an interview with Vogue about her album, her weight journey and separating from her ex, Simon Konecki.

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During the interview, Adele revealed that her life started to shift around the time of her Saturn’s return, a time between the age of 27-32 where Saturn fully orbits around the sun and returns to the position it was in when you were born, which some believe leads to a lot of personal upheaval.

“Then I hit my Saturn return. It’s where I lost the plot. When that comes, it can rock your life. It shakes you up a bit: Who am I? What do I want to do? What makes me truly happy? All those things,” she said, adding that she doesn’t blame it for her divorce, but it was a part of it.

“I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t happy. Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt each other or anything like that. It was just: I want my son to see me really love, and be loved. It’s really important to me…I’ve been on my journey to find my true happiness ever since.”

She also revealed that they were broken up for a while before telling people. She filed for divorce in 2019.

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