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The Reason Why Bobby Flay Is Leaving the Food Network Has Been Revealed

If you missed the news, Bobby Flay is out at the Food Network after 27 years.

His most recent three-year deal will expire at the end of the year.

Now, new info about why he’s leaving has been revealed.

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“Bobby wanted a contract in the ballpark of $100 million,” a source told People. He asked for more than Guy Fieri‘s recent $80 million contract, which the network gave to him.

“Guy has a three-year deal,” the source said. “The terms of what Bobby was looking for were gravely different than just cash. The terms were longer, the scope of work was different and thus the dollars were different. It’s not just $80 million to $100 million.”

The network would not budge with Flay, adding, “The two sides were just way too far apart. It became clear the two could not and would not be able to come to terms and so the network decided to move forward without him, Regardless, it was really much more amicable than you’d think. It was strictly business.”

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