‘Big Brother’ Recap: Double Eviction Results for Season 24 — Who Left?


Big Brother 24 viewers who have been cheering on the Leftovers alliance from home likely didn’t love this week’s Split House twist, what with Kyle mercilessly throwing his allies under DJ Showtime’s Chicago bus at the first sign of trouble.

But as disappointing as it’s been to watch The Leftovers implode — on one side of the house, at least — pitting Brochella against Dyre Fest has given Season 24 the precise amount of drama that it needed at this point in the summer. Of course, if Big Brother‘s producers wanted so badly to break up a super-alliance, they could have divided the snoozy Committee alliance of Big Brother 22 instead, but I digress. The Leftovers were the ones to fall in this case, and Kyle’s endless tea-spilling to Alyssa and Terrance has set the stage for a new house dynamic that’s sure to be — [voice pitched to Jasmine’s eviction night octave] — as messy as barbecue sauce on a full rack o’ ribs!

To that end, let’s break down how Thursday’s double eviction shook out:

BROCHELLA | With two evictions on the evening’s agenda, there’s blessedly not much time for filler. Instead, we get right to Brochella’s eviction, and unsurprisingly, Jasmine is ousted in a 2-0 vote. She’s not particularly shocked to have gotten the boot, nor does she look all that alarmed when both Michael and Brittany reveal The Leftovers’ existence in their goodbye messages.

In fact, none of The Leftovers are the target of Jasmine’s ire in the end: She’s most frustrated with Alyssa, who she found out earlier this week had been spilling useful information to people outside of her and Jasmine’s alliance.

DYRE FEST | It’s much, much more chaotic on the Dyre Fest side of the house. Following the veto meeting, Joseph chats with Terrance for a while, urging him to realize that Kyle can’t be trusted moving forward, given how effortlessly he ratted on The Leftovers. But poor, poor Joseph: Just when he thinks he’s making progress in his campaign for votes, the other four Dyre Fest-ers form a brand-new alliance called The Afterparty while Joseph is away in the Diary Room. Oof. There have been a lot of heartbreaking BB moments in 23-plus seasons, but this one might crack the Top 10 Toughest to Watch; just evict Joseph now and free him of this backyard nightmare!

Later, Joseph calls a house meeting with Dyre Fest, where he tries to expose Kyle’s many lies and previous willingness to keep Alyssa on the block back when she and Indy were nominated as Festie Besties. If you keep up with the BB live feeds, you know that much of what Joseph is saying is true — including Kyle’s assertion last week that he’d rather nominate Alyssa outright during his own HOH reign (?!), instead of using his veto win to get her backdoored — but the house meeting is nonetheless fairly disastrous for Joseph. Kyle pushes back on Joseph’s accusations, Alyssa is clearly uninterested in keeping someone who’s been lying to her face for weeks (fair enough, really!), and Turner, Joseph’s only potential lifeline in this conversation, fails to back him up. I repeat: Oof.

No surprise, then, that Joseph is ultimately evicted from Dyre Fest in a 2-0 vote. In his conversation with Julie, Joseph concedes that staying so fiercely loyal to The Leftovers likely caused his downfall in the end, but he says it was important to him to prove that loyalty can be a thing in the Big Brother house, and he wouldn’t have played the game any other way. He’s really just too pure for this terrible reality-TV world.

The two sides of the house do reunite before the hour is up, but we don’t get to see much. There’s lots of hugging and fake-looking smiles, especially as the Brochella-goers realize that Joseph is missing from the other side… and with that, we await the real fallout on Sunday’s episode.

OK, your turn! How do you feel about Jasmine and Joseph’s evictions? Tell us in a comment below!