Key Moments From Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania Rally


Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night to bolster Republican candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano.

His first rally since the FBI‘s search of his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump spent a good chunk of his speech attacking the bureau, the Department of Justice and President Joe Biden.

Speaking to supporters in Wilkes-Barre, Trump called Biden “an enemy of the state” and dubbed the DOJ “vicious monsters.”

He also launched a fierce attack against John Fetterman, the Democrat running against Oz for U.S. Senate, branding him “a socialist loser.”

Here, Newsweek rounds up some key moments from Trump’s remarks.

Former president Donald Trump speaks to supporters
Former president Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally to support local candidates at the Mohegan Sun Arena on September 03, 2022 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

‘Enemy of the state’

Trump said a speech delivered by Biden on Thursday was “the most vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president.”

Biden spoke in downtown Philadelphia, where he warned that Trump and his allies “threaten the very foundation of our republic” and that “MAGA forces” are seeking to take the U.S. “backwards.”

Trump said Biden vilified the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump as “threats to democracy and as enemies of the state.”

“He’s an enemy of the state, you know that?” Trump said of Biden. “The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him, which is circling around him, ‘Do this. do that Joe, you’re going to do this Joe.'”

He added: “Instead of trying to demonize half of the population, Biden and congressional Democrats should focus on stopping the killing and the bloodshed in Philadelphia and every other Democrat-run city in America where record death and destruction is taking place every single day.”

‘Travesty of justice’

Trump said the August 8 search of his home by the FBI was “one of the most shocking abuses of power by any administration in American history” and “a travesty of justice.”

He said: “It was not just my home that was raided last month. It was the hopes and dreams of every citizen who I’ve been fighting for since the moment I came down the golden escalator in 2015, wanting to represent the people.”

The FBI and the Justice Department “have become vicious monsters,” Trump added, saying they were “controlled by radical left scoundrels lawyers and the media.”

‘Socialist loser’

Fetterman is “the most dangerous Democrat,” Trump said, accusing him—without evidence—of using hard drugs.

He went after Fetterman’s dressing habits, saying “I don’t like those dirty sweat suits.”

“Fetterman may dress like a teenager getting high in his parents’ basement, but he’s a raging lunatic hell-bent on springing hardened criminals out of jail in the middle of the worst crime wave in Pennsylvania history,” Trump said.

Fetterman has endorsing proposals to release more geriatric or rehabilitated inmates from prisons, which Oz and Republicans have distorted to accuse him of wanting to free dangerous criminals.

“More and more lies from Trump [and] Dr. Oz in Wilkes-Barre tonight,” Fetterman responded on Twitter, calling on people to donate to his campaign and defeat “these two desperate [and] sad dudes.”

‘Kissed my a**’

Trump also took aim at “weirdo” Mark Zuckerberg.

“Mark Zuckerberg came to the White House, kissed my a**,” Trump said before going on to mimic their purported conversation.

“‘Sir, I’d love to have dinner, sir. I’d love to have dinner. I’d love to bring my lovely wife.’ All right, Mark, come on in. ‘Sir, you’re number one on Facebook. I’d like to congratulate you.’ Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate it,” he said.

Trump also referenced the Meta CEO’s recent comments about Facebook limiting the reach of a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop because it “fit the patten” of a Russian disinformation effort that the FBI warned the company about ahead of the 2020 election.

Zuckerberg “confessed that in 2020, the FBI went to Facebook and the media and gave them the false narratives that the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell was Russian disinformation, even though they knew that was not true,” Trump said.

‘I may just have to do it again’

Trump spent time pushing the baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him and hinted at a 2024 presidential run.

“We’re leading Biden, and everyone else including the Republicans, by record numbers in the polls,” he said.

“So I may just have to do it again. You’ll be starting to have to do it again… but first, we have to win a historic victory for the Republican Party this November.”