Man Praised for Ordering Food His Stepsister Does Not Eat: ‘Obsessed’


A man has been praised online for ordering food that his stepsister does not eat.

In a viral post shared on Reddit‘s Am I The A**hole page, which can be seen here, user Left-Aide-430 explained his stepsister, 12, is obsessed with Japanese and Korean culture and that this fixation had even led her to only eat Eat Asian food.

The 25-year-old man’s stepsister is not alone, with Japanese and Korean culture being more popular in Western countries than it ever was previously.

Hit Netflix series Squid Game, pop group BTS and numerous anime (Japanese animated series) have helped introduce Western audiences to East Asian culture.

Squid Game was Netflix’s biggest debut in 2021 and managed to reach in excess of 111 million viewers around the world, while BTS managed to sell out their world tour in 2018.

stock image of man ordering fast food
Stock image of a man ordering fast food. The man explained his stepsister only eats East Asian food.

The Reddit user said his dad remarried four years ago and he now has two stepsisters, aged 16 and 12, in addition to a full-sister, 16.

He continued: “My step-sister is heavily obsessed with Korean and Japanese culture, full K-pop, anime and things like that, there’s nothing wrong with it and I’m not bashing her, both my sister and I like it too, the problem is that this obsession has caused her to only eat Asian food.

“And, since she’s a mommy’s girl and my dad has prioritized his new family over my sister, that’s the only thing they eat (they’re not Asian).

“My sister has told me that she’s done, she missed having hamburgers, pizzas, pasta etc but that she can’t eat them at dad’s and with mom she does it very rarely because my mom cooks and she doesn’t do these things every week (mom’s Mexican so she cooks Mexican stuff).”

The Reddit user said he offered to pay for some takeout and that his stepsister and stepmom were talking about going to a Korean restaurant.

Instead, he asked what his full-sister wanted knowing that she “had been craving a hamburger for weeks.”

When he ordered the hamburger, his stepsister said she does not like eating something like that. But his dad agreed they should eat the same meal.

Despite this, the user claimed that his dad and stepmom ended up ordering sushi. He added his dad called him an a**hole for making his stepdaughter feel left out.

When the man asked what he thought about his own child, the dad kicked him out of the house.

Since being shared on Sunday, August 28, the post has attracted some 8,300 upvotes and more than 760 comments.

The vast majority of those who commented on the post praised the man for how he handled the situation and blasted the father.

One Reddit user, whose comment was upvoted more than 11,500 times, said: “‘Well, I’m paying so I pick. If you’d like something else you can pay for it yourself.’ Your response was perfect. NTA (not the a**hole).

“Daddy needs to open his eyes and stop putting his non-biological children over his bio kids.”

Another added: “I bet they devoured that burger and were excited for something different.”

While a third posted: “NTA. That’s messed up that they’re forcing everyone to eat a style of food that one kid decided she’s obsessed with. Your dad is being a jerk, good on you for being there for your sister. Maybe she could come to visit you on the weekends from now on instead?”

Newsweek has contacted Left-Aide-430 for comment.