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9 responses to ““Friend” us

  1. Hugh Grefe


    I really appreciate this work–bravo to you both. There are a couple of things going on that I think you will find interesting–the National Vacant Properties Campaign annual conference is in Louisville early in June and there is a provocative follow up to the Brookings Older Industrial Cities/Ohio report being written. When you get a chance, give me a call.


  2. Hi,

    We think you have a great blog! You should check out our Restoring Prosperity to Cleveland Summit on June 8th at the Wolstein Center. Visit http://www.greaterohio.org to learn more or register – it’s free – through the CSU Levin College Forum Series.

    Diane Deane
    Greater Ohio

  3. Dear Editors and Contributors of RUST WIRE:

    My name is Jason LaFay, and I teach at DeWitt High School in DeWitt, Michigan. Several teachers, students, parents and other community members formed the DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG) in the winter of 2008. The purpose of the DCG is to prmote student creativity and entrepreneurialism; the keys to prosperity in the creative economy. We are forming partnerships with both public/private entities to create opportunities for DHS students to use their talents to help revitalize and strengthen the Mid Michigan area. An example of this is a Web site that will soon launch to showcase student creativity in whatever medium: painting, video, sculpture, poem, song, invention, etc. Also, we recently signed a lease with a local relator to use a space for student performances and entrepreneurial education in Downtown DeWitt. Finally, the DCG is designing an Economic Service Initiative to help Downtown DeWitt businesses. Students will provide free services to businesses such as designing logos, signs, newsletters, social media pages, etc. in return for credit.

  4. Sorry, I posted my prior comments by mistake before editing them! The DeWitt Creativity Group is always interested in learning from the experiences of other groups. For additional information check out the DCG blog: http://schoolasweknowit.blogspot.com or email me.


    Jason LaFay
    DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG)

  5. I really liked your piece on the masonry and ironwork of Cleveland a week or so back and have been following your blog since.

    May I ask you to link to my series on How to Fix Cleveland in your blog’s Economic Development Section? I have wrote the first 2 entries already and will post the final one soon.

    Part 1:


    Please let me know. Thanks!


  6. MegB

    Hi, I think the Rust Wire link to “friend us” on FB is broken. The link is on this page:

    Where it says, “Just follow the link.”

    Just wanted to let you know.

  7. Special K

    Hi Meg, Thanks for letting us know. I think I was able to fix this. -KG

  8. katie

    i don’t know who you are, but i love you, almost as much as i love cleveland.

  9. Sarah Hartley

    Keep on fighting the good fight! It is wonderful of you to dothis.

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