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How the Car Drained Detroit

Among the theories about the cause of the demise of Detroit, this one’s one of my personal favorites.

According to this article published in The Pop Up City, auto culture, specifically sprawl, literally drained the life out of Detroit.


“The Detroit exodus began emerging right after the moment the car industry started to boom,” says writer Joop De Boer.

“Detroit’s population halved within 50 years, changing the city from a vibrant metropolis into an urban vacuum.”

“For years all over the world the economically strongest have chosen to leave the inner cities, and find themselves a house in the cultural desert of suburbia. However, over the last decade this situation seems to have changed slowly.

“The inner city has become a place for good living as well, preferable for an increasing amount of people. They are not suffering from the suffocating clouds of industrial poison any more. Cities have become talent magnets full of those who are unexplained in the social context of a village, and look for cultural and social tolerance. The modern city is occupied by those who look out for the city’s best quality… the city people.”



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