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Blog Spotlight: Tube City Almanac


Time for a regular Rust Wire feature: highlighting some of our other favorite blogs from around the region.

I nominate Tube City Almanac, a great blog about news and history in western Pennsylvania’s “tube city” of McKeesport.

It was receommended to me by several smart and knowledgeable folks who were familiar with McKeesport.

My favorites on the blog include its history of the community, especially the section on the region’s steel heritage, complete with employee memories of U.S. Steel’s National Works and other facilities.

Check it out!

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Blogging Down Crime

Block Watch organizations across the county are latching on to a new powerful tool: social media.

The Associated Press reports block watch organizations are increasing utilizing tools like Twitter and blogs.

The article follows a Columbus lawyer who tweets about suspicious vehicles and break-ins to protect his crime-ridden Old Oaks neighborhood.

Columbus lawyer and block watch captain Richard Vickers

Columbus lawyer and block watch captain Richard Vickers

The strategy has payed off for Mr. Vickers. Neighbors report criminal activity has dwindled and the streets are safer.


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Blog Spotlight: Industrial Decay


Take a look at the photos of industrial decay highlighted by this blog.

There are an amazing amount of photos on here. My one teeny complaint is that I would like to know a little bit more about where some of the pictures were taken. It’s still well worth a look.


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Blog Spotlight: Detroit News Architecture Blog

From time to time, Rust Wire likes to highlight interesting or worthy blogs.

I know I always feel smarter -and more artsy – after reading the Detroit News’ Architecture Blog.

We previously posted on the blog’s video of Detroit’s abandoned Packard Plant. I like that the blog talks about all the city’s abandoned industrial buildings, as well as more traditional fare for an architecture critic, like mansions and downtown skyscrapers.


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