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Detroit Gem Eastern Market Earns Praise


Rust Wire readers know that Detroit frequently makes headlines for all the wrong reasons – crime, corruption, poverty, the list of negatives is long.

But this story from the Dallas Observer lavishes praise on at least one aspect of The Motor City — its farmers’ market, Eastern Market.

Having been to farmers’ markets across the Midwest, I can say that Detroit Eastern Market is unparalleled — it basically encompasses a whole neighborhood and is full of bustling market stalls, shops and restaurants.

The Observer article is bemoaning the state of farmers’ markets in Dallas.


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Toledoan Crosses Country on Vegetable Oil

Toledo resident Stacy Jurich, 23, traveled 10,000 miles across the United States this winter on a Mercedez Benz powered by vegetable oil.

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Detroit Introduces Local Currency

The city of Detroit has unveiled a local currency, according to Model D media.

We’ve written about Toledo’s buy local movement. Printing a local currency takes the buy-local economic development notion to its highest level.


The exchange of local currency requires a commitment from buyers to spend their money at local merchants.

Many communities from Ithaca, New York to Pittsboro, N.C., have resorted to this Depression-era concept to stimulate the local economy, USA Today reports. Continue reading


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