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Get Ready for a Lot More of These Stories


As we get closer to the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh later this month, get ready to see a lot more of these Pittsburgh “comeback” stories, like this one from Forbes (thanks to reader Jeff Vines for sending it to us).

We’ve posted some other ones earlier this year, such as this one from the New York Post.

What I like about these kind of stories: Pittsburgh is indeed awesome, beautiful and innovative, and I’m glad people across the country are recognizing this. In many ways, it has completely transformed itself economically, environmentally, and physically from its steelmaking history – as this blog itself has discussed.

What I dislike about these kind of stories: they can gloss over some of the city’s still very real problems, tend to focus on the obvious things the ‘burgh has done right (i.e. lots of education and health care jobs), and also ignore the economic suffering of the nearby Mon Valley towns that have still not truly recovered from the loss of steel jobs. It’s a seductive storyline that a lot of people want to believe – thousands of union manufacturing jobs can be wiped out and everything will be just fine!

I think this Forbes article is interesting, in that it discusses the intangibles, like the pride Pittsburghers have in their city, and the city’s efforts to remain unique.

What do Pittsburgh readers think?

What does the national media get right and wrong about our city? What do you want outsiders coming to town for the G-20 to know about the ‘burgh?



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