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The Last Truck


Has anyone seen the HBO Movie The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant?

It looks like it came out last year, so I’m a little late on this one. It is focused on the last few months of a plant in Moraine, Ohio (near Dayton).



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Green Shoots at GM?

Interesting article about the state of General Motors from Scripps Howard.

Despite the car maker’s highly publicized reorganization this year, GM still leads the nation in market share with about 20 percent of the total, down from 22 percent in 2008.

Consumers seem to have shrugged off the auto maker’s reorganization, according to tis article. This is particularly true of Chinese consumers who have revived the popularity of the Buick.

1998 Buick Ultra: Who would have thought this would be the car that would save GM?

1998 Buick Ultra: Who would have thought this would be the car that would save GM?

Meeting Chinese demand will be critical because the country surpassed the US as the biggest consumer of automobiles this year.


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President Obama to Talk Jobs in Youngstown Area

President Obama will speak just outside Youngstown today at GM’s Lordstown plant, kicking off the a presidential tour of the Midwest on jobs and the economy, according to The Detroit News.

GM Factories

The plant  has been through a series of ups and downs in the past year.

From The Detroit News: Thirteen months ago, then-CEO Rick Wagoner and dignitaries attended a splashy event in the plant to announce a third shift and $350 million investment in the plant to build the new Chevrolet Cruze sedan, which is expected to launch next year and get 40 miles per gallon.

A month later, the auto industry and financial markets collapsed. By January, Lordstown had lost two shifts, and about 2,800 workers were laid off.

GM said last month that a second shift is being called back to work at Lordstown because of increased demand for the Chevrolet Cobalt, which was a big seller during the $3 billion “cash for clunkers” program, and to prepare for production of a new more fuel efficient compact model next year. The workers being recalled include 1,000 hourly workers and 50 salaried.

General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson is also expected for the speech.

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GM Leaves Bankruptcy

GM is emerging from bankruptcy today, free of debt, under modified contracts and with the president’s approval.

It was in Chapter 11 for 40 days.

The federal government controls a 61% share of the new, leaner company.


Meanwhile, some jerks are organizing a boycott of the company, as if it didn’t have enough problems.

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As if Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse in Detroit …

   The city of Warren, Michigan is making a bid for bankruptcy-bound General Motors, The Free Press is reporting.


   The Detroit suburb is home to GM’s Tech Center.

   Multiple news organizations are reporting the embattled auto giant is considering leaving the Motor City.

   GM purchased its glass-towered headquarters building, Detroit’s Renaissance Center, for $625 million last year.

   Meanwhile in Youngstown today, workers at the Lordstown Plant were awaiting the results of negotiations over concessions. Retirees told The Vindicator, the deal could have been worse, but there’s no guarantee the contract will survive bankruptcy.

   Also, part suppliers everywhere are filing for Chapter 11.

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What Obama’s Doing to Help Michigan

So the big news today is that the Obama Administration is conducting a forced “reorganization” of General Motors (R.I.P. Pontiac).

The Plain Dealer reports that GM will cut 21,000 jobs and close 42 percent of its dealerships. A lot of bond holders are angry with the deal and feel they’re being shortchanged. Meanwhile, retiree healthcare benefits are in jeopardy if the company enters Chapter 11, which is a real possibility.

Rather than blast Obama, The Detroit News today writes about the efforts the president is making to soften the blow for Michigan. Continue reading


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