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Lake Superior Warming


A troubling article from The New York Times via ClimateWire: Lake Superior, the largest, deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes is on track to have its warmest year ever.

“(T)he warming shows no sign of abatement,” the story reports. “This year, the waters in Lake Superior are on track to reach — and potentially exceed — the lake’s record-high temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which occurred in 1998.”

The trend appears to be going on in the other lakes as well, the story states.

This is problematic because it can create a more conducive climate for invasive species, such as the blood-sucking sea lamprey, the article explains.

It’s not totally clear how much and how fast climate change will alter the lakes, but “various models forecast that the Great Lakes region may see lower lake levels “on the order of 1 to 2 feet,” said one EPA official.

“In February, the Obama administration rolled out a five-year Great Lakes Action plan dedicated to adapting to some of these effects and restoring the area. The plan, which would cost more than $2 billion to carry out, lays out five central goals it hopes to address in the coming years: restoring lost wetlands, controlling invasive species, tackling runoff pollution, addressing toxics like mercury, and promoting accountability and education efforts.”

This article was brought to my attention by Peter Annin, journalist and author of Great Lakes Water Wars. Thanks!



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Youngstown’s Treez Please

When you live in a city with lots of problems, it’s easy to get discouraged. What can one person do?

For Youngstown resident Debra Weaver the answer is trees. The self-employed attorney launched a program with two friends to turn vacant lands into controlled urban forests while helping combat global warming.

She calls her volunteer group Treez Please.

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