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“I Will Stay If…” Comes to Pittsburgh


Our friends at the Great Lakes Urban Exchange (aka GLUE) are bringing their “I Will Stay If…” party idea to Pittsburgh.

“Every party results in photographs of participants holding signs that tell what it is about their city that would make them stick with it. The photos will be data for GLUE to play a part in reviving and setting urban policy,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explained in today’s paper.

This idea may sound familiar – we wrote about the party in Detroit a few months ago (see photo above).

For more information about the party, click here.

The fun is 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd., East Liberty.



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Stimulating the Great Lakes Region

The good people at Great Lakes Urban Exchange convened more than 200 people in Buffalo last month to form a consensus about the best way to direct stimulus money in Great Lakes cities.

The result is summarizied in a letter to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan on the GLUE web site.

Here’s a snippet:

“A specific concern of conferees is that the Obama Administration understand both the scale and the urgency of Great Lakes metros’ challenges.

Brownfields in our older, mainly small- and mid-sized metros are probably never going to become the destinations for housing development, because our metros, unlike larger metros elsewhere in America, suffer from an over-stock of housing. Other opportunities to use these sites exist.

Preference should be given whenever possible to programs and projects that re-use these brownfields, so that the federal government does not continue to encourage greenfield development and perpetuate sprawl.

Yet precisely because our Great Lakes metros have the unique wealth of Great Lakes proximity, relatively small ARRA investments–if implemented by metro region and not by city, town or village–hold the promise of tremendous long-term economic benefit.”

Good job, guys. Here’s hoping that they listen.


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Taking the Rust out of ‘Rust Belt’


Our friends at Great Lakes Urban Exchange (aka GLUE) are featured this story in Artvoice, Buffalo’s alternative weekly paper.

GLUE-sters will be in Buffalo this week for their summit, “Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity: Remaking Policy and Practice in a Time of Transformation,” on Thursday, June 18 and Friday, June 19 at Buffalo State College.

“The goal of the conference is threefold: to identify ways to filter federal stimulus money into Great Lakes cities; to develop policy that nurtures the region and helps urban areas grow into sustainable units; and to harness and strengthen a collective Rust Belt voice,” according to the story.

Registration is $25 for both days. For complete program information, visit http://greatlakesmetros.wordpress.com/.


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Discussing Deconstruction


Our friends at Great Lakes Urban Exchange (aka GLUE) always have interesting and innovative ideas bouncing around their web site. (It must be all those cool young people they have involved in their organization…)

Last week, they explored one of my favorite topics, deconstruction – that’s when instead of just tearing down an old building, the building is taken apart and much of the material is salvaged.

Thanks, Sarah, for this interview with Buffalo ReUse!


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