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Fetterman Named to Atlantic’s “Brave Thinkers” List

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman has been named to The Atlantic’s list of “Brave Thinkers.”

Fetterman and his efforts to revitalize Braddock, attract artists and businesses, and advocate for forgotten places like Braddock, have gained national media attention.

Sadly, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center announced last week it will close UPMC Braddock, the community’s hospital. It’s another blow to a community that has suffered greatly, just as there were some positive things happening.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader Alex Parker for bringing the Atlantic cover story to our attention.


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Dissecting Flint’s Mayoral Race

Slate is running an awesome, awesome, story about the mayoral race in Flint, Michigan, where a 35-year-old Rhodes Scholar is battling a 64-year-old grandmother/former state representative for the city’s highest office.

Flint’s former mayor, Don Williamson, was a convicted felon-turned-multimillionaire who resigned in February to avoid a recall election that was likely to remove him from office.

Why would anyone want to be mayor of a city with so many problems, Slate wonders.

“It’s my hometown, and no matter where I’ve lived I have a special place in my heart for this city,” says mayoral candidate Dayne Walling, a fifth-generation Flint family-man and former Rhodes Scholar. “It’s terrible to see this kind of suffering inflicted on a community. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t happen anywhere in this country. So I’m committed to being part of the solution.”

Dayne Walling, left, campaigning at a Church's Chicken.

Dayne Walling, left, campaigning at a Church's Chicken.

“It is the worst of times, but a leader leads in good times and in bad,” says¬† Brenda Clack, his opponent, a former state rep and current county commissioner. “I feel that people who have stayed in Flint, who have hung on, who have persevered deserve a leader of integrity.”

When I was working as a reporter, I once told Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams I would never want his job. Several years later, one thing is clear: political figures in hard-luck rust belt cities, at the very least, make for interesting political profiles.

But I wonder, could it be possible that these places somehow attract top leaders? Youngstrown’s Jay Williams and Braddock’s John Fetterman and even Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, who had a very complimentary write-up in Next American City recently, certainly make a strong case for the theory.

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Braddock, Pa. Mayor Fetterman Wins Primary

Despite some criticism and a tough campaign, Braddock’s unconventional mayor won in Tuesday’s primary, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

He captured 294 votes to his rival’s 103 votes.

“Mr. Fetterman’s detractors were vocal in their criticism of him, accusing him of trying to become ‘Braddock’s landlord,'” the Post-Gazette reported.

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John Fetterman: “The Pissed-Off Avenging Angel of the Rust Belt”

It looks like Braddock, Pa. Mayor John Fetterman is shaping up to be a national spokesman for the Rust Belt region.

Or, as this story puts it, “the pissed-off avenging angel of the Rust Belt.”

He recently spoke at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, so this article focuses on his message for cities in Michigan.


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More “Buzz” About Braddock

Braddock, Pa. and its unconventional mayor, John Fetterman, have gotten quite a bit of national press in recent months, from Monthly Review, to The New York Times, to the Colbert Report.

Some in the Pittsburgh region have known for awhile about Mayor Fetterman and various projects to help revitalize Braddock, a steel town in the Monongahela Valley. As reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there’s the community oven, public art, sustainable agriculture…I could go on.

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Unemployed Steelworkers and Environmentalists Unite for Ad

The Environmental Defense Fund has launched a new ad with Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, claiming carbon caps could offer relief to former steel towns.


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