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Historic Iron City Brewery


The Pittsburgh City Council voted unanimously yesterday to approve landmark historic status for the Iron City Brewery in the Lawrenceville neighborhood.

Earlier in the month, the city’s Historic Review Commission voted in favor of the designation, as the Post-Gazette reported.

The brewery currently sits vacant. Last year, Iron City Brewing Co. closed this plant and moved all operations to Latrobe.

Planners hope this compound and collection of historic buildings will become the sight of a mixed-use development.

The timing of this designation comes just weeks after a developer announced plans to infill neighboring Doughboy Square with a mix of housing and retail. The project would be in collaboration with the city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Lawrenceville Corp.

In addition to these plans, Bike Pittsburgh, the bicycling advocacy group of Pittsburgh, moved into a recently rennovated art-deco storefront at Doughboy Square.

–Andrew Moore


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Debating Gentrification in Lawrenceville


Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood has gotten a lot of good attention lately. It has a new hospital, a burgeoning retail district, and is generally considered to be one of the city’s more up-and-coming, trendy areas. Some might even say it is gentrifying.

I know I’ve seen a lot of new shops springing up there, but I’m not familiar enough with the area so say if it is really gentrifying or not – are long-time residents being forced out by rising rent costs? Have community groups opposed some of the changes? Can a neighborhood have hip stores and boutiques and still maintain the blue-collar folks that have lived there all along?

Here’s a blogger who has some thought on the subject: his witty post really slams an anarchist anti-gentrification poster urging people to “Help Keep Lawrenceville Dangerous.”

I’m eager to hear what Pittsburghers think about this neighborhood and this debate.



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FT: Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville “A Diamond in the Rust”

This recent Financial Times story is singing the praises of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville, an up and coming trendy neighborhood.

The challenge: “attracting new, affluent buyers while also retaining ‘mom-and-pop retailers’ and keeping house prices low will be difficult.”

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