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Where Did Your Neighbors Go? Click and Find Out!

Our readers know we love to beat up on Forbes magazine for their frequent lists of dead/ dying/ shrinking/ etc. cities.

But let me give credit where credit is due…this is a really interesting and cool interactive graphic that uses IRS data to show migration within the US, sorted by county. Good job on this one, Forbes!

Click on a county to see inward and outward migration and where residents moved to/ or from. I could spend a long time playing with this.

Thanks to a frequent Rust Wire reader, my Dad, for pointing this out to me.


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Want to hear some good news about Detroit?


Here it is, from Aaron Renn at Urbanophile.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader and Detroiter Claudia Raleigh for bringing this to our attention.

What do you think about the points he makes?


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Could it be True? Pittsburgh Importing Californians

   I can hardly believe it, but the Pittsburgh Post Gazette says it’s true. Between 2000 and 2006, the city of Pittsburgh imported  2,300 Californians for a net gain of 100 more residents than lost to the sunny state.


   This article says that people are growing weary of higher-cost mega-cities like Boston, Washington and Los Angeles. They’ve got to go somewhere, The P-G opines. It might as well be the Rust Belt.

   The Rust Belt is American’s next frontier, the article says. It’s a bold statement, but I guess I kind of agree. People will vote with their feet.

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Two Arguments on Migration and Efficiency

Kudos to Portfolio magazine writer Ryan Avent for challenging the flawed consensus among economists about the government’s role in declining post-industrial cities.

We published a New York Times article several weeks ago from economist Edward Glaeser who that said migration away from Rust Belt cities was healthy in terms of economic efficiency. Any special government aid to Rust Belt cities such as Detroit would only delay necessary economic mobility.

This is how the argument goes: basically, the faster people leave Buffalo and Detroit and Ohio and Indiana and their high unemployment rates for growing areas with lower joblessness, the better for everyone, because unemployment is an inefficient use of resources. This has been the general consensus among economists.

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Population Matchup: Winners Indianapolis, Columbus; Losers Detroit, Cleveland

The Urbanophile blog has aggregated and analyzed the results of the 2008 census, showing modest gains for regional winners Indianapolis and Columbus while reflecting continuing decline in Detroit and Cleveland.

The national story is that migration has slowed, the Urbanophile reports, but that is likely due to the strained economy offering fewer attractive distant positions and bringing home sales to a standstill.

Sun Belt cities, of course, lead the pack, with Austin and Charlotte topping the list. Meanwhile, Detroit and Cleveland he refers to as “basket-cases.” He notes however, that while Detroit’s population has “fallen off a cliff,” Cleveland’s population loss has leveled some.

It’s important to note that this is all pre-economic-apocalypse.

Anyway, check out the post, it’s loaded with neat charts and numbers!


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