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Cleveland Wins $15M for Co-Op Revitalization Strategy

This is a very big deal. Big.

The city of Cleveland was chosen as one of five cities to share $80 million in grant funding through the Livable Cities Initiative.

Funders were impressed, specifically, by the city’s efforts to establish cooperative workplaces to serve as suppliers to some of the region’s major employers–including the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital.

We’ve written before about the Evergreen laundry, where workers from the impoverished Hough neighborhood are earning a stake in the company while putting in hours doing laundry for local institutions. That organization was seeded by the Cleveland Foundation as part of an innovative employee-owned business structure that has come to be known as ‘the Cleveland Model.”

Works at the Evergreen cooperative laundry earn a share of the company for their hard work.

The Cleveland Foundation has been looking to expand cooperative ventures in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods–most of which also happen to be near an important employment node–University Circle.

Their latest venture is a massive, 10-acre indoor lettuce farm. Between that, the laundry and a solar power operation, they hope to someday employ hundreds or even thousands.

The grant award goes a long way to justify Cleveland’s nonprofit urban revitalization capacity, which is driven by the local philanthropic organizations and is considered one of the country’s most sophisticated.

Detroit; Baltimore; Newark, N.J.; and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. were also selected for funding by the cooperative of 22 major philanthropic organizations.


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A Look at “Brick City”


I saw an interesting ad recently, previewing the Sundance Channel documentary Brick City.

The show will focus on Newark, New Jersey (a city that while not in the Rust Belt, has certainly had its share of problems), Mayor Cory Booker, and other city officials and residents, such as the chief of police, a gang member, and a youth counselor.

You can watch a number of clips from the show and read a bit about it on the web site.

We’ve written about Mayor Booker and his efforts to turn the city around on this blog before; he has been the subject of a number of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as a documentary about his campaign, Street Fight.

I enjoyed the documentary, but it mostly focused on politics and the election, so obviously I’m hoping this show goes well beyond that. It airs later this month.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?


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Check out Next American City


My latest issue of the magazine Next American City arrived in the mail on Monday.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but so far I enjoyed two interesting articles:

one on the problems with publicly funded convention centers for cities;

and the cover story on Newark mayor Cory Booker.

I don’t think these articles are online – if they are I haven’t found them – so you may have to step away from your computers for a minute and buy the magazine.



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