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11 Great Train Stations that Were

The Infrastructurist has catalogued the 11 greatest train stations to meet the wrecking ball (pictures and all!).

The short list: New York’s Penn Station, Memphis’ Union Station and Atlanta’s Terminal Station.

Atlanta's Terminal Station: a ghost of public transport

Atlanta's Terminal Station: a ghost of public transport

The article laments: Almost like a rite of passage, cities across the country embraced the era of Interstates, Big Macs, and suburban sprawl by tearing down their train depots. (Frequently, they just did the Joni Mitchell thing and put up a parking lot.)


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A Temporary Reprieve for Michigan Central Depot


National Public Radio had a piece over the weekend about community opposition in Detroit to tearing down this beautiful but crumbling landmark.

Detroit City Council has postponed the planned demolition in response.

“It is not an eyesore to us who live here,” one advocate for the building said. “We see what it was, what it is and what it could be.”


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