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A Look at Sprawl in Buffalo


Here’s a good visual on what sprawl looks like – and its economic impact – from the folks at Buffalo Rising.

It’s a bit old but I wanted to link to it anyhow. I can’t say it better than they did – “Three times the stuff – fewer people.”


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I hate this kind of story

How much does negativity and a negative national perception hurt our cities and our region?

Clearly, places like Youngstown, Cleveland, Toledo, and the other cities on this list of “America’s Downsized Cities” have their problems. But we already knew that. It seems like this Forbes.com list doesn’t do much to add to the discussion.


“In a way, it’s the same old story: The Rust Belt, comprised of blue-collar cities where the manufacturing industry once dominated, can’t seem to find a way to thrive.”

Exactly – it seems like the same old story, with not much new information.

The list of cities was compiled using 2008 population estimates for the 125 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S., released Thursday by the Census. Forbes compared those estimates with 2007 population estimates to determine the percent change year-over-year, and looked at the percent change in population from 2000 to 2007. It combined those two rankings–weighting down the more relevant 2007-2008 percent change–for a final ranking, according to the article.


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