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Brookings: Great Lakes Metros Should Boost Exports


The folks at Brookings released a report Monday on the importance of exports to the economies of Great Lakes cities.

Among the findings:

– Exports support 1.95 million jobs in Great Lakes metros

– Cities in this region have some of the highest volumes (dollar-wise) of exports and the greatest reliance on exports. Out of the nation’s top 100 metro areas, Chicago ranks third and Detroit ranks ninth in total dollar volumes of exports. Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Indianapolis all rank in the top 20, the study states.

How does your city compare?

“Now is a particularly critical time for Great Lakes areas to be smart about their export strategies,” the report’s authors write.

“There is new national attention to increasing the volume of US exports.  In his 2010 State of the Union Address, President Obama called for a doubling of US exports in the next five years.  Administration officials have also cited greater exports as a way to bolster the condition of the hard-hit manufacturing communities in the US.”

It’s part of a larger Brookings report on how the nation’s cities can lead export growth.

What conclusions should we draw?

“The metropolitan areas of the Great Lakes region are among the most globally engaged metros in the country,” says the report.

“They produce goods and offer services that are in demand around the world, particularly in rapidly emerging markets like Brazil, India, and China.  A national effort to double exports in the next fi ve years holds great promise for these metros that are already fairly export-oriented.  But this opportunity may be squandered if Great Lakes metros do not focus intensely on innovation, both in terms of expanding the range of products and services that they offer and in their specific product and service lines.  A legacy of success in exports does not guarantee future dominance, a lesson that Great Lakes metros should have learned through rough experience.”

What do you think?


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Learn More about Lorain

President Obama will visit this Ohio community on Friday.

Hear more about what Lorain is -and was- on this in-depth radio piece from WKSU news.

When Obama visited during the 2008 campaign, he spoke quite a bit about jobs and trade.

I imagine jobs and the economy will be on everyone’s mind there now as well.


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White House Launches Office of Urban Affairs

The Root Magazine is reporting that the White House has made good on its promise to establish an Office of Urban Affairs.

The office is designed to facilitate and coordinate programs that improve the lives of city dwellers. Adolfo Carrion, former Bronx borough president, will lead the office.

On the campaign trail President Obama promised to “stop seeing cities as the problem and start seeing them as a solution.”


The president has a lot on his plate right now, but this seems like a step in the right direction. We need a new vision for cities. We need policies that support the health of urban centers. We need that more than anywhere here in the Rust Belt.

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Detroit Public Schools Files for Disaster Relief

Detroit Public Schools has filed for federal disaster relief, The Detroit News reports.

I think this is wise. I think what’s happening in Detroit should be treated similar to a natural disaster. Continue reading

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