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Detroit Schools to Train Students for Wal-Mart

Good Magazine is reporting that four Detroit High Schools will begin training students to work at Wal-Mart.

Students will receive 10 credits for 11 weeks of job readiness preparation with the retail giant.

Advocates say it’s a good opportunity for students, given the city’s staggering unemployment rate.

Advocates for the poor say the students are being trained for dead-end jobs and lives of subserviance.




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Urban Agriculture, Quality Public Education, Sustainable Living: Detroit’s Boggs Educational Center

Jezebel.com is running an interview with Detroit teacherAmanda Rosman, one of five founders of the Bogg’s Educational Center, set to open on Detroit’s East Side in 2011-2012 year.

The school was inspired by the Boggs Center, a development center for leaders and grassroots organization named after two prominent Detroit activists James and Grace Lee Boggs.

Rosman and her group plan to use urban gardening and other nontraditional education approaches to encourage critical thinking as opposed to test-prep memorization.


Here’s a quote from the interview:

“We want to work on teaching kids about sustainable living. How can we produce for ourselves, put our resources back into our community, not be in isolation from the community but work within it. So urban gardens would be one way to do that.

“We’re just starting with the kindergarten and adding a grade every year. So with the kids, what we hope to be able to do is identify problems or at least needs within the community, and use those as lessons for problem-solving but building in academic skills or meet needs of the community.”

This sounds like a wonderful project conceived by a bunch of very talented people.

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The Trainwreck That Is Our City Schools

A Detroit News story today about an effort to reform a Detroit Public School caught my eye.  The story was about Osborn High School, where only 4 percent of students passed the math and writing portions of the Michigan merit exam last year.


Did you know what the graduation rate in Detroit Public Schools is? 37.5 percent! The lowest in the country. Continue reading


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