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Cincinnati Moving Toward Streetcar Development

Leadership in the city of Cincinnati has been campaigning to develop a streetcar line, for quite some time, and it has been a controversial issue.

Here is the mayor and city manager promoting the initiative. During the last week, the city assembled $86 million for a rail and streetcar line that will connect the University of Cincinnati to downtown. Yesterday, city officials approved $64 million in bonds to support the project, according to The TransportPolitic.

City voters endorsed the measure this fall, despite an effort to block the initiative.

It is hoped that the streetcar will support the redevelopment of Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood and other sites in the central city.


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St. Louis County Backs Public Transit Tax Hike

Residents of St. Louis County showed their support for the local public transit system this week, voting 63-37 percent in favor of a 1/2-cent sales tax increase.


The increased revenues were needed to ward off major cuts for Metro, the local transit authority. County residents had rejected a similar initiative in 2008, according to the St. Louis American.

A broad coalition came out in support of this measure, including corporate leaders, university chancellors and black clergy.


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The Fund-Ohio-Transit-Now Campaign

The Ohio Public Transit Association is asking supporters to demand more state support for public transportation from their legislators.

The organization has launched fundohiotransitnow.org with links to legislators home pages’ and contact information. Just fill in your name and address, and the site will send a letter to all your elected representatives.


From their letter: “While the typical state provides 23% of the funding needed for their transit systems, Ohio provides less than 3%.”

Every major city in Ohio has been affected by budget cuts over the last few years. This is an important effort for our cities. I would encourage readers to take part.



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Documentary: Beyond the Motor City

Aaron Woolf, director of King Corn, is back with a documentary about transit in America, appropriately set in the Motor City.

In his 90-minute documentary, Woolf explores the rise and fall of Detroit, as a commentary on how Americans get around and what it means for equality and sustainability.

Check out this preview:

For more information visit http://www.pbs.org/wnet/blueprintamerica/reports/beyond-the-motor-city/video-preview/861/

Thanks to Rob at Extraordinary Observations for the tip off.


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Promoting Public Transportation in Youngstown

My good friend in Youngstown, John Slanina, recently organized a group bus ride around Youngstown’s Mahoning County.

This video is one of the results.

Slanina sent an email to 20 friends and asked them to bring a friend and meet him at the bus stop. The experience was meant to familiarize local residents with the public transportation system.


Youngstown won a hard-fought battle at the polls in November to institute a county-wide sales tax to rescue their bus system, which has slashed weekend and night service due to a budget crunch.

This is a good idea. John is always full of good ideas.

This video was produced by Flash Mob.



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11 Great Train Stations that Were

The Infrastructurist has catalogued the 11 greatest train stations to meet the wrecking ball (pictures and all!).

The short list: New York’s Penn Station, Memphis’ Union Station and Atlanta’s Terminal Station.

Atlanta's Terminal Station: a ghost of public transport

Atlanta's Terminal Station: a ghost of public transport

The article laments: Almost like a rite of passage, cities across the country embraced the era of Interstates, Big Macs, and suburban sprawl by tearing down their train depots. (Frequently, they just did the Joni Mitchell thing and put up a parking lot.)


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