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Seven Freeways to Tear Down


The Infrastructurist has an interesting post on seven major, urban, old-school freeways that should be torn down to improve aesthetics, neighborhoods, or even traffic.

Topping the list: Cleveland and the West Shoreway. Rust Wire (and many other observers) have complained that Cleveland does a very poor job of utilizing one of its strongest assets – its Lake Erie waterfront. One big reason: there’s a highway there preventing people from having easy waterfront access.

As the Infrastructurist points out, removing a big highway has been done before, notably in Milwaukee.

Other cities of interest that grace the list: Buffalo (Skyway)and Baltimore (Jones Falls Expressway).

Thanks to one of our alert Rust Wire readers for pointing out this post.

What do you think? What is missing from the list? Should any of these named roads stay? The Infrastructurist seems to think most of the named highways are doomed eventually; I’m more of a pessimist and think it could be very hard to get rid of some of them.


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