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Exploring Pittsburgh’s South Side Slopes


I spent a great Sunday afternoon exploring what is surely one of Pittsburgh’s coolest neighborhoods – the South Side Slopes.

I was there as part of the StepTrek, an annual event that celebrates the neighborhood and raises funds for improvements and projects.

For those unfamiliar with the topography, Pittsburgh is a hilly city with numerous sets of steps (which are actual legal streets) -documented in this book.

The annual StepTrek gives participants maps and suggests they walk along one of several courses- seeing Realtor open houses, neighborhood churches, memorials, parks, an art studio, cemetery, mural, amazing views and more along the way.

My personal favorite was the route that highlighted the neighborhood’s churches – sadly, some are closed now, but others have been or are being redeveloped as condos. I even learned there is a monastery up there at the top of the hill, St. Paul of the Cross Monastery.

The walk also did a good job of highlighting the positive changes the neighborhood organization has made there, trees planted, new businesses opened and houses fixed up.

It was such a great neighborhood visit – other areas and cities should steal this idea!



More photos:


Some architectural detail


A neighborhood memorial to men who served in World War II


Another view


A garden near the foot of the slopes


A portion of a neighborhood mural (unfortunately I couldn’t fit the whole thing!)


A steeper set of the stairs…


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