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Incentives and Jobs

Though we often hear that manufacturing in this country is “dead” or “dying,” this article from the Harrisburg (Pa) Patriot-News shows the lengths some states and counties still go to — offering millions in tax incentives — to land manufacturing jobs.

The author spoke to folks who said these kinds of incentives are needed to woo businesses, and others who said their time has past, that pitting one region against another means everybody loses.

What do you think?

Is this a game states, counties and cities have to play? Or should they opt out and focus resources on things like workforce training or education?


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Job Losses in McKeesport

It’s always terrible to hear about people losing their jobs — but it seems even worse in a bad recession and in a place like McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, a call center that employed 600 – and had received considerable tax abatements from local governments – announced it would be shutting down.

You can read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s coverage, or the excellent post by McKeesport blogger Jason Togyer.

I think some (like Togyer) would say this situation shows the folly of expecting low-wage, easily outsourceable service jobs to replace the manufacturing jobs this community has lost.

I’ve been meaning for several weeks to write a post about McKeesport. I recently had a guided tour of the city from Togyer.

Like many Mon Vally communities, it suffers from a host of problems, but it also has a some promising aspects – some stable residential neighborhoods, and it’s home to innovative firm Blue roof Technologies, which helps create technology to allow elderly and disabled folks to live at home.


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