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Beautiful Buffalo in Photos, Part 2–Natural Landscapes

Continuing with our photo tour of the city of Buffalo, today we offer some landscapes from the natural world in an urban setting.

This shot was taken by Joseph M Verrastro in the city’s Tifft Nature Preserve, a reclaimed area minutes from downtown Buffalo:

An avid photographer of the natural environment, Verrastro also took this picture of wildflowers in front of the grain elevators of Republic Steel Company.

Those elevators loom large over the Buffalo River and have been the subject of many a local shutterbug. Here’s a different angle by the same photographer.

Course, like many of our cities, Buffalo has the natural advantage of being on the Great Lakes. These shots were submitted by Grechan Grobe.

Here’s another couple shots by the same photographer, blending industrial and natural.

This is a view of the Tonawanda Coke plant from Niagara River.

Thanks to Buffloians for sending photos and for being patient with me and my lack of expertise on the area. We are going to do one final installment in this series on houses and people with photos by Sean Brodfueher and Chuck Alaimo.



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