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Original Documentary: A Dream of Youngstown

Rust Wire is very excited to share this newly released, original documentary by our own contributor, graduate student and photographer Sean Posey.

The past three decades have erased much of the city of Youngstown that
my father and grandfather knew: An area once known as ” the city of
homes” became known for widespread arson; a city once indelibly linked
with steel and manufacturing became known as the grave yard of the
American steel industry. Youngstown, much like Detroit, went from being
a symbol of the American dream to being a worst case example of the
“urban crisis” that has engulfed so many of this country’s inner

Yet, we should not overlook the fact that much has changed for good in
the Steel Valley. Corruption trials in the late 1990s broke the
decades long grip of organized crime in the area.
The downtown area, once a ghost town, has rebounded. Even the moribund
steel industry has added jobs with the recent expansion announcement
by V&M Star Steel.

This documentary looks at the individual stories and struggles of
Youngstown citizens who still believe in the city despite all that has
transpired. These are people still fighting the good fight in a town
once given up for dead. As we enter 2010, we should not forget the
tribulations of the past, nor the trials of the present; instead, let
us look to a future where both can inform the tough choices that will
have to be made so that future generations may be willing to call
Youngstown home.

-Sean Posey



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Youngstown Ranked a Top Town for Entrepreneurs

Youngstown scored a feature story in Entrepreneur Magazine, which is raking among the top ten towns to start a small business including Atlanta, Las Vegas and Portland.

Youngstown’s highly successful business incubator for software start-ups plays center stage in the upbeat story about a down-and-out down that’s rallying for a new direction.

Check out the lede:

“Sure, Youngstown may not have the economic firepower of other cities on this list, but it has one important commodity in spades: hope.”

This is exactly the kind of coverage Youngstown has been hoping for every time some national media outlet comes to town and writes that sad story of Black Monday and publishes pictures of a used tire lot.

Congrats Jim Cossler and the whole YBI team!

MIke Broderick, founder of Turning Technologies a fast-growing software start-up launched in Youngstown's Business Incubator

Mike Broderick, founder of Turning Technologies, a fast-growing software start-up launched in Youngstown's Business Incubator

If Youngstown can do this, any Midwestern city can, given a thoughtful approach and committed individuals.


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