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Media Bedding Down in Detroit

Time Magazine has purchased a home in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood, as the media company steps up efforts to chronicle the economic turmoil taking place in the Motor City, The Free Press reports.


The Magazine employed a similar strategy in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Bill Mitchell, a former Free Press reporter and editor and Time magazine bureau chief in Detroit said: “It’s really an enterprising way of storytelling. It’s an interesting situation where the journalist will be not only an independent observer, but a stakeholder” in the city.

Time purchased the 1914-constructed, five-bedroom, three-bath home on Parker Avenue for $99,000, according to the paper.


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A Few Hours in Detroit

I enjoyed this blog post by a Detroit blogger about how he gave a brief tour of his city to a reporter for Time Magazine. He unfortunately only had a brief period of time to show him an extremely interesting and complex city, but it sounds like he did the best he could.


“But asking me to show you around Detroit is sort of like asking a devout Mormon to show you around Las Vegas: you’re not going to see what the convention bureau or the city boosters would prefer. I wanted him to see up close all the different ways Detroiters have reacted to the issues of deteriorating housing stock, lost neighborhoods, drugs, loss of community, crime, abandonment, and abundant green space. I took him to the Heidelberg Project, of course, and then showed him smaller neighborhood projects like the Powerhouse I wrote about a couple weeks ago and the block where a Detroit teacher and a few fellow former San Franciscans are turning Farnsworth Street into a community space of art and gardening.”

I would be interested to read the Time story when it comes out.

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