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Assignment: Detroit

We’ve written before on this blog that we were encouraged by Time Magazine’s declaration that it intended to devote resources to covering what is happening in Detroit.

Writes Time publisher John Huey,

“we believe that Detroit right now is a great American story. No city has had more influence on the country’s economic and social evolution. Detroit was the birthplace of both the industrial age and the nation’s middle class, and the city’s rise and fall — and struggle to rise again — are a window into the challenges facing all of modern America. From urban planning to the crisis of manufacturing, from the lingering role of race and class in our society to the struggle for better health care and education, it’s all happening at its most extreme in the Motor City.”

Here are some of the journalistic fruits of the pursuit of that story – this Time Cover story, and  this site on Detroit and its importance, which seems pretty comprehensive.

I don’t really like the sound of the question, “How do you survive Detroit?”

And, as one of the commenters points out, some of the stories are cliched by now (i.e. “brain drain”).

Still, it is nice to see such a big layout and obvious dedication of resources to the story.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader Jeff Vines for his suggestion.


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