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Most Fun Cities: Chicago, Detroit, Youngstown?

I know. I know. We said these things were stupid. I’m not going to retract that statement.

However, for the sake of discussion, Portfolio has cataloged the “Top 100 Fun Cities” and there’s a few interesting items.

In their list, Chicago scores second, Minneapolis 10th, Detroit 14th, Syracuse and Rochester 15th and 16th, Cleveland comes in at 23 (just before Portland?!), Milwaukee is 25, Youngstown’s 28 and Buffalo’s 29.

So, as we’ve discussed, these things are all relative and Portfolio doesn’t provide a ton of information about their rating system. Ratings are based on the categories of shopping, food and drink, gambling, popular entertainment, culture, low-impact sports and high-impact sports.


I have to say, if there is a kernel of truth in all this it’s that Cleveland just might be the funnest city in the country tonight–that is if you have Cavs tickets like me!

Also, while were on the subject, Forbes ranked Pittsburgh the country’s most livable city last week. Go figure!



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