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Fed Directs $50 Million to Auto Towns

The Federal Government will steer $50 million in assistance to communities with auto plants that have experienced significant layoffs, The Associated Press reports.

The money will come from federal stimulus funds and be used for job training and placement. Continue reading

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Retraining Manufacturing Veterans in Toledo

What does it take to retrain middle-aged factory workers?

NPR takes a look at the process in this story about a Toledo-area couple, both in their 50s, who are back in high school learning algebra and training for their first white-collar jobs.

The effort paid off for Jim Buford, who recently got a job installing solar panels.


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Toledoan Crosses Country on Vegetable Oil

Toledo resident Stacy Jurich, 23, traveled 10,000 miles across the United States this winter on a Mercedez Benz powered by vegetable oil.

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White-Collar Unemployment

A sad story about Toledo in Sunday’s Washington Post.

The article describes how the downturn in the economy is hitting white-collar workers- hard. (I should know, I’m one of them!)

“In this corner of Ohio, the workforce is contracting at an alarming speed, with unemployment climbing to rates more typical of counties in Appalachia,” the article states. “In March, unemployment in Toledo reached 12.6 percent, an increase of more than 50 percent over March 2008.” Continue reading

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Community Organizing and Development in North Toledo

How do you overcome the perception – and reality- of a central city neighborhood in a Rust Belt city that is losing population? That’s Terry Glazer and United North’s challenge.

Glazer leads the Lagrange Development Corporation, a community development group that works to improve housing, jobs, economic opportunities, and the neighborhood in general in North Toledo.
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Songs of the Rust Belt

When I was a little girl my mom used to sing me an old cheer called “We’re Strong for Toledo.” My grandma used to sing me John Denver’s “Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio.” The songs portrayed two very different cities: one a proud metropolis, the other a laughing stock.

I thought it might be interesting to look at the most famous songs devoted to Rust Belt as a way to examine how these cities are portrayed in pop culture, and also how that image has changed over the years.

For example, the song my mother used to sing to me, judging by the slang, was written in the 1950s or sooner, Toledo’s heyday. It goes like this: Continue reading


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Toledo: Less “Job Sprawl” Than Others

A recent Brookings Institution study found less “job sprawl” in Toledo than in many other major metro areas.

Eight of 10 jobs in the metropolitan area are within 10 miles of downtown, the study found, as reported in The Blade.

Toledo’s doing better than many other areas. Consider:

-In metro Detroit, 77 percent of jobs are more than 10 miles from downtown.

– In metro Chicago, the figure is 69 percent.

And it is better than any of the Ohio cities studied, The Blade reported.

In Cleveland, just 16 percent of jobs were three miles or less from downtown.

In Cincinnati and Youngstown, the figure was 17 percent; in Columbus, 19 percent; in Dayton, 24 percent, and in Akron, 25 percent.


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