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How Do You Stop An Epidemic of Violence?


I hesitate to even post this story, it is so violent, depressing, and hopeless.

At a recent cookout in East Baltimore, a dozen people were shot – which in itself is bad enough – but is part of a larger wave of violence that swept the city recently.

“The shootings on Conkling were not related to the shooting on Ashland, which might have sparked the shootings at Baltimore and Bond, which might have led to the shootings on Comet, which might have been retaliation for a shooting six months ago which was retaliation for a shooting four months before that, which was retaliation for a kidnapping two months before that,” as the Baltimore Sun explains.

And even worse, in a scenario straight out of The Wire, it seems the cops don’t have enough good intelligence on the shooters, the story reports.

I don’t know what the answer is, which is why I hate to post stories like this…How can a city even hope to overcome this kind of violence?

Thanks to Rust Wire reader and Baltimore resident Eric Noyes for bringing this story to our attention.


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