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Rust Belt Road Trip: Photographer David Zaitz


Los Angeles-based photographer David Zaitz took a six day road trip through the Rust Belt in July 2009.  Zaitz drove over 1,900 miles in seven days, visiting legendary Rust Belt cities such as Gary, South Bend, Elkhardt, Youngstown, Wheeling, Canton, Akron, Detroit and Flint.


Zaitz will be posting additional images and commentary from his trip in the coming weeks.

Intermission in Toledo, Ohio

Intermission in Toledo, Ohio

A selection of his photographic essay can be seen here.



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Using the arts for economic development

Many Rust Belt communities have tried to use art galleries, theaters,  cheap studio space for artists, and more to revitalize downtowns and drive growth.

It looks like Wheeling, West Virginia is the lastest, as this New York Times article explains.

“So can an old factory city find the key to revitalizing its downtown?

I think so,” said Luis Rico-Gutierrez, director of the Remaking Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. ‘But it is more a matter of attitudes than a matter of scales or money. They need to understand that culture is as important as steel was.'”


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