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Seeking Guest Bloggers

Like to write?

We want to hear about promising initiatives in your town.

We want to hear first-person accounts of the fallout in Detroit.

We want to hear about why you moved back home.

So many great photographers have stepped up. Are there any writers left out there without blogs?


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Alex Kotlowitz, Part 1


Rust Wire was thrilled to be able to interview Alex Kotlowitz, one of our nation’s best journalists about urban issues and problems. Kotlowitz will be speaking Monday at Cleveland State’s Levin College Forum. Kotlowitz penned the New York Times story “All Boarded Up,’ about foreclosure in Cleveland’s Slavic Village neighborhood. He also authored “There are no Children Here,” the story of two boys growing up in one of Chicago’s toughest housing projects. Here’s the first part of our conversation:

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