This product is going to be a game-changer for fall — and it’s on sale for Labor Day weekend


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Do all your fall leaf cleaning with this handy blower. (Source: iStock)

Do all your fall leaf cleaning with this handy blower. (Source: iStock)

It’s almost fall, which means it’s time to clean your leaf-ridden yard again. Depending on the weather, trees can shed leaves gradually over months — or overnight. You’ll want to be prepared for the worst and of course, you’ll need a quality piece of equipment to help.

This electric blower is a nifty yard-cleaning device that works just as well in your patio or garage — and it just got marked down for the Labor Day weekend. Check out this $65 leaf blower on Amazon that’s over 50% more powerful than the more expensive blowers.

A whirlwind in your hands

Do all your fall leaf cleaning with this handy blower. (Source: Amazon)

Do all your fall leaf cleaning with this handy blower. (Source: Amazon)

$65.42 $74.00 at Amazon

The Sun Joe electric-blower efficiently blows leaves and debris off of paths or into piles using up to 250 mph of wind power. Many other high-end leaf blowers peak between 150 mph and 190 mph wind power, which only shows how impressively powerful the Sun Joe’s six wind speed settings are. Despite its high speeds, the electric blower’s instant start motor is remarkably quiet and less harmful to the environment than competitors. You should be able to blow leaves out of your yard or dust out of your garage without waking your neighbors.

For when you have nowhere to blow the leaves to, this must-have gadget also works as a leaf vacuum and an electric mulcher. The blower comes with a durable 18.5-gallon leaf bag that attaches to the bottom of the blower. With the bag attached, you’ll be able to vacuum leaves in your yard and toss them where you want after you’re done. Its leaf mulcher settings shred leaves and debris down to 1/16 their original size. From there, you can direct the mulched leaves wherever you want, be it in the garden, over half-grown grass or in the compost.

Many shoppers have appreciated light the Sun Joe electric blower compared to competitors. “I didn’t know I would love this machine like I do,” says one Amazon customer. “It did all the work I needed [it] to. My yard looks amazing. This machine is great for leaves and pebbles and wood chips and is a complete time saver. Super [powerful] yet lightweight. I will buy again but this time as a gift.”

Be ready for autumn cleanup

With the weather changing, you never know when those leaves will fall. The Sun Joe electric leaf blower makes sure you’re prepared for whenever they drop, and its lightweight build makes it easy for anyone to blow leaves — even the kids. Check out this Amazon deal to save 12% just ahead of Labor Day.

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