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Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati and Recovery from the Recession

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland just released a report showing economic data from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati. The idea was to track how these three cities are recovering from the recession.

Here’s the three area’s employment rates, before the recession and currently.

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This is pretty interesting, if you’ve got the time. East Cleveland is sort of a spectacular example of everything that’s gone wrong in the Cleveland area.
One interesting thing about this video is that the people from East Cleveland seem to blame the city’s people for its downfall. I don’t at all. I think this is what happens when you have absolutely no housing policy and building new communities means throwing away the “old” ones. A few people got rich building new suburbs in northeast Ohio over the last few decades …

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#1. This is such an important story. I just want to say a couple things. First of all, Christ, what these women and families are going through.
#2. How great is that woman in Hough?
#3. I also thought the city of Cleveland’s response was frustrating and typical: defensiveness. They should have just said, we know we have a big problem, it is a systemic problem that we have limited ability to control. I sorta get why Cleveland is defensive. When something like this comes to light, they’re immediately sort of blamed, …

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What are you doing September 20th? Do you plan on sitting in the street for an extended period of time, or how about establishing your very own public park? Why not do both?! At Park(ing) Day Cleveland you get to do just that. You might be scratching your head and wondering why anyone would want to do that, what is Park(ing) Day, and why don’t you spell things correctly. Those are all fair questions so let me explain:
Park(ing) Day, much like Critical Mass, is an international event held at the …

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What’s sadder guys? The fact that the powers that be in Michigan think widening I-94 and I-75 will help their economy, or the above Youtube video? Tough call, I think.
Michigan expat Erica Flock is allowing us to publish this letter she wrote to Rob Morosi at the Michigan Department of Transportation regarding the Detroit region’s plans to spend close to four billion widening two highways.
Dear Mr. Morosi,
Last month during a visit to my family in Michigan, I stood on RiverWalk overlooking the Detroit River. I don’t recall ever …

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Idora Park was one of those local amusement parks all rust belt cities used to have before, you know, cars, highways, economic implosion. Now the 20-some acres that used to be a gathering place of Youngstown residents in the city’s heyday is an overgrown field. When I was working as a reporter in the city, some shady megachurch had brought the property and wanted to turn it into a “city of God,” with gold paved streets and everything. But they couldn’t seem to keep the tax bill paid.
This video remembers …