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Photo Essay: the Steel Mills of Youngstown, Ohio

19 April 2011 One Comment

Youngstown photographer Paul Grilli was nice enough to share these pictures with us.

The first batch are shots of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Campbell works.


Paul said: “My grandfather on my dad’s side worked here in the bar mill for 35yrs as a crane man (my dad, uncle, great uncle and godfather worked here too)… my grandpa went to WW2, came home and kept his seniority.”

This second round is of Copperweld Steel Co. in Warren, Ohio.

“My grandpa Charles “Bill” Aldridge was a roller there for 30+ Years, his job was so hot it actually killed the hair follicles on his legs, except for what was protected by his work boots,” said Grilli. “Several of my uncles on that side of the family worked here too.”

Thanks a lot to Paul for sharing these photos, which have a deep, personal meaning for him. Paul has documented almost every steel mill in Youngstown. He displays the photos on his Tumbler account, Rust Jungle.