The Vacant House Next Door

If you have a vacant house next to yours, or even on your street or in your neighborhood, you know what a serious problem it can be.

I can personally attest to this; I live next to a house that has been abandoned for years. There is a large hole in the roof and a family of raccoons has taken up residence. Worse, vacant homes are often magnets for drug use, vandalism and other crime, fires, and can in general just take a terrible toll on a neighborhood by reducing property values.

I wanted to share this photo essay from Slate by Camio Jose Vergara – a photographer who is known for his work in deteriorating urban areas.

The photos are from Camden, New Jersey, which I don’t really consider to be in the Rust Belt, but I thought it was relevant since so many Rust Belt cities deal with this problem.

Thank you Claudia Raleigh, a Detroit-area reader, for sending me this article.


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