Dismantling Factories

Check out this video and story by one of my favorite Detroit News writers, Charlie LeDuff.

He visited what was left of the Automotive Components Holdings plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., which made parts for Visteon and Ford.

LeDuff writes, “You can now watch the liquidation of the American Dream in real time.”

He continues, “Any given week, the guts of a whole factory are auctioned off. Its contents are sold piece by piece and taken away for scrap or antiques or resale to foreign companies. Men with blowtorches and trucks haul off tool-and-die machines, aluminum siding, hoists, drinking fountains, salt and pepper shakers, anything that might be of some value. It is the removal of the country’s mechanical heart right before your eyes. It is breathtaking.”

Listen to what one of the people dismantling the place says in the accompanying video, “This was a place for good or bad, it just pumped paychecks out. There was 80 years of paychecks here. There was 80 years of people driving in, and driving home and paying the mortgage and it’s done.”

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